Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        How do we differ from other schools?

A:        As for other dance schools, we can’t comment on the teachers or procedures, but we have several distinct differences from most other dance schools. Our floor is one of our major differences – our professional floating dance and spring tumbling floors offer additional cushioning and support to help prevent injuries and fatigue. We also have full time office staff, which means the person teaching the class is not distracted with administrative details and there is always someone available to assist you with your customer service needs. We also keep our class sizes small with our 3-5 year classes limited to 8 in a group and the rest limited to 12. We also never, require our students to fund raise to cover dance school activities, but is an available option if you need it. We also put on a very professional end of the year recital in which all dancers and some gymnasts participate in. 

5 Things Parents Should Know Before Choosing a Dance and Gymnastics Studio.

Q:        What is the registration fee for?

A:        The registration fee is a non-refundable fee that confirms your child's place in that class.  This fee also covers administrative paper work, mailings, newsletters and is required yearly at the time of registration.

Q:        Can we watch a dance class?

A:        You can watch part of a class, during Parent Watch Week. Please let the office staff know so we can accommodate seating.  Only 1 person watching per student is allowed, in order not to disrupt the routine of the class.

Q:        Can I sit in on my child’s dance class?

A:        We allow parents to sit in on the first 1 or 2 classes and then we have set observation days. If the parents sit in every week it is too distracting for the students. There are too many authority figures and the children either lose class time looking for Mom’s & Dad’s approval, or they act out to see what reaction they will get. We encourage parents of young children to wait in our waiting rooms so that if they are needed they are close by.

Q:        My child has been dancing for 5+ years and is interested in competitive or professional type dance lessons, what do you offer?

A:        We have extremely qualified dance teachers in the style of dance that they teach. We also have a competitive dance team that travels around to local state competitions. We also have special performance teams such as our Holiday Troop that perform at festivals, parades and show around the metroplex.

Q:        What do they do in Creative Movement & KinderDance classes?

A:        These classes are the basic intro to dance class. They work on sequencing skills, remembering how to go from one step to another, basic coordination skills, all the basic skills they need to go into all the other styles of dance when they are older.  They also learn body awareness and build self confidence and independence. They also work on a routine to perform in our year end show.

Q:        My child took at another studio; can they go into a higher level class?

A:        Because the program content can vary greatly at other studios, depending on who is teaching it, your child should still go into the first level we offer for their age.

Q:        What is hip hop?

A:        Hip hop is a street influenced type of dance. It is what you see when you watch music videos on TV – music like Janet Jackson, Will Smith, Spice Girls, etc.

Q:        What is jazz?

A:        Jazz is a little more classical than hip hop – it uses more upper body movement and more graceful moves than hip hop. It is what you think of with the funkier Broadway shows.

Q:        Why isn’t the class working on the year-end routine yet?

A:        During the first half of the year, the teachers will teach the students technique and a variety of steps in a variety of combinations. As time goes on they will see with each class which combination works best. They will determine this from how the students individually get the steps, and how as a group the combinations pull together. We don’t want the teachers to be restricted to working on just one dance all year long. Besides being boring for both the teacher and the students, this is very limiting. Determining the final combination of steps that will form “the” dance is a process that simply takes time. It is very important that foundational elements are covered well and that the students are exposed to a variety of things. What may initially look unfocused at a parent viewing is usually something that will build ability for the year-end routine.

Q:        Can my child start dance part-way through the year?

A:        They can start dance up to the end of February. After that the classes are too far along. If however, they are willing to do private lessons to catch up to the class, if we have space available they can take some private lessons until the teacher feels they are ready to join the class.

Q:        I can sew. Can I make my child’s costume instead of paying the costume fee?

A:        No. In order to ensure that all the costumes are done on time and look the same we hire a professional costume makers and seamstresses. You may be able to sew very well, but another parent who thinks they can sew well may produce an entirely different outcome than yours. Also you may be organized and have the costume ready on time, but some parents juts won’t have the costume ready when it needs to be. Our seamstress ensures a good fit and a consistent result.

Q:        How do you choose costumes and/or music?

A:        Costumes and music are chosen by the Creative Director in coordination with the individual instructor. Months are spent reviewing music databases and costume    catalogues to find positive and age appropriate material and attire.

Q:        What is the Recital Fee for?

A:        Our Recitals exude a certain level of quality, which will be very apparent in our show, but this quality comes with a price.  There are several expenses we incur holding the recital including rental fees (auditorium and dressing rooms, smoke machines, bubble machines), technical fees (lighting, sound, security, etc), insurance, props, stage backgrounds, music and music cutting fees, t-shirts, costume bags and numerous other items.  

Q:        What do I have to do for the recital?

A:        Our shows are very well planned out, but this plan could not be executed without a few key volunteers. We ask that 2 mom’s from each class volunteer as a stage mom, it is not a easy job, but the memories you build with your child and the respect for the performance you gain is priceless. 


Q:         How do I Register?

A:        Click here to view the class schedule and register

Or you may call  972.878.3255 and have an office member talk you through our online registration process.

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